IMA Solution Specialists started as IMA, back in 1999. As IMA.com was already taken, we had to find a suitable domain to match what we were all about. IMA stood for Innovative Management Assistance and our focus was on improving how business ran and operated. Today, they call it coaching. Back then, it was all about Image Development. And if you look at the word image, you find the letters IMA. So, we were onto something. However, all of the image domains were taken as well.
What we finally came down with, and what was both available and fit the mission, was yourimage.org. Our goal was to “Help you reach your IMAge of Tomorrow, Today”.
For many years we operated as such, but with the ever-changing technology climate, we saw the need to re-brand. After hashing it out, we came up with imasupport.com. And that has been the brand up till now. However, IMASupport doesn’t tell you what we do, other than support. Doesn’t even say what we support.
As technology grew, the businesses that embraced this growth benefited from it, but usually at a cost. With anything new, there came new issues, problems and questions. This often meant new staff, using outside help or so often placed in the hands of someone already too busy. The result was often not 100% effectiveness or efficiency.
Well, here we are back at the beginning, where our focus, and really what we have been doing, was helping businesses with their image. Now it included way more technology. Although much of the past few years has focused on the Network Security, as this is one of the hotter tech topics, we discovered that there was truly a common thread amongst all our clients. And that was we are always asked the same basic question. HOW! Although the action of the HOW varies greatly, what everyone is really looking for is how to achieve a solution to a HOW. Thus, regardless of what we did, the real task at hand was simply to find solutions. And since this is really what we have been doing for many years, we considered ourselves specialists in this area.
So, the time has come once again to re-brand. Now, finding a suitable domain to go along with the brand at this stage is not an easy task. Unfortunately, solutionsspecialists.com and anything everything close have already been taken. So, to make things easy, and not have to change bank accounts and business licenses, we will now be imasolutionsspecialists.com.
Which works for us, as when asked what we do, we can simply say ‘i-m-a – solution – specialist’
And although our task now is to help you find Solutions to your How’s, at the same time we are still helping your reach your IMAge of Tomorrow, Today.